Ethical or Social Banks

An ethical bank is a bank that applies the ethical principles listed above to all its activities.
This bank, however, must be able to guarantee the return of its capital to the depositaries and ensure its continutiy.

An ethical bank has a double objective:

  • To finance economic activities with a positive social impact
  • To be economically viable: to make a profit.

Ethical banking aims at achieving a benefit which is both economic and social.
An ethical bank always places these two objectives at the same level and is defined by considering them not only as compatible but necessairly compelentary. For an ethical bank it is essential to make a profit, but this is not enough; this profit must be obtained while respecting a set of fundamental ethical criteria and financing activities with a pisitive social impact.

One could say that for an ethical bank, making a proffit is a tool, and not a goal in itelf. It is a tool to continue developing its operations and be sustainable over time.

If an ethical bank stopped pursuing its second objective, that of making a proffit, it would disappear or would no longer be a bank. If it forgot about the first, it would only be a bank.