FORO LAC FR (Mexico)

FORO LAC FR was established as a result of a final process of exchanging reflections concerns and aspirations among Latin American and Caribbean networks bringing together entities that provide financial services in rural communities that faced the challenge of creating a specific space to set in motion a series of actions aiming at developing rural financial systems and services in the region.

Its network of members is continuously growing and has an ever growing number of networks dedicated to rural micro-finances that are a part of FOROLACFR.

FORO LAC FR strives to become a reference in Latin America and the Caribbean regarding rural finances to contribute to improving the quality of life of its poor rural and peasant population. It is an institution that is integrated by networks organized through micro-financing organizations dedicated to the promotion of economic and social well-being of poor rural farming economies and other vulnerable groups in the region. It also intends to promote and strengthen the institutional capacities linked to its customers.

Its knowledge on the trends that may influence or even determine the path of the market of rural economies generates leads to answers and their discussion.

FORO LAC looks for a shared vision together with its members, consolidating values, its social mission and the development plans for rural communities in the region.

It is based on constant searching for new solutions as a strategy to improve competitive advantages financially and socially.

The transparency and disclosure of information of the operations of its members is one of the strong points of FORO LAC.

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