La NEF (France)

La NEF is a cooperative of solidarity-based finances. Since it was created in 1988 it channels responsible savings to finance the creation and development activities and professional associations working towards social inclusions and the environment; it holds a licence by the Bank of France.

It currently has over 20,000 member promoting a change in the economic and social organization in our world, based on a model of human and social development where the production and distribution of wealth is based on the values of solidarity and responsibility.

The basic principles of La NEF are:

  • Fraternity, in the sense of solidarity among people and towards future generations.
  • Freedom, in the sense of respect for persons, a freedom of spirit and of personal options.
  • Equality, in line with the cooperative principles and the distribution of power using the “1 person, 1 vote” criterion.

La NEF participates in the creation of the first European credit cooperative together with its Italian partner, Banca Popolare Etica, and its Spanish one, FIARE. The objective of this project is to offer Europe an alternative cooperative banking based on ethical and transparency principles.

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