Oikocredit International (Netherlands)

This is an international ecumenical cooperative society that was created in 1975 by the world church conference and has its main office in The Netherlands, 14 regional offices in Latin America, Africa and Asia, and 34 supporting associations in 18 countries.

It attracts the savings of people who want their money to be used in a conscious way and who follow the mission of Oikocredit. It offers loans to hundreds of local organizations in the third world that would not normally have access to loans from traditional banks.

It offers financial support in the form of conventional loans and micro-credits to develop productive initiatives that are received at the offices of Oikocredit International in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

These projects must target groups of least favoured people to foster the promotion of women within organizations, to guarantee the respect for the environment and must preferably be based on a cooperative structure.

For further information visit www.oikocredit.org

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