Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank is an ethical bank established in The Netherlands over 30 years ago that has been operating in Spain since 2004.

It follows a policy of responsible investment, specializing in the following areas:

  1. Nature and the Environment: biological and biodynamic agriculture; renewable energies; bioclimatic architecture and construction; environmental technology (transport, water, waste management, etc.).
  2. Social Sector: Integrating people facing social exclusion, health and social assistance to the weakest and people in need of special attention, development cooperation, fair trade, micro-credits, etc.
  3. Culture: Artistic and cultural activities, education, plastic and performing arts, music, personal and spiritual development, sustainable and cultural tourism.

 Its mission is:

  • To contribute to the creation of a society that fosters a high quality of life focusing on human dignity.
  • To facilitate a responsible use of money to individuals, companies and organizations, and to promote a sustainable development.
  • To provide its customers with sustainable financial products and a high-quality service.

Triodos Bank currently is active in The Netherlands, Belgium, England, Germany and Spain.

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