Women’s World Banking (USA)

Women’s World Banking was created in 1979 by impoverished businesswomen. Its objective is to build a network of solid financial institutions around the world to ensure that actions focus on women as innovative and leading customers.

The mission of the global network of Women’s World Banking is to enlarge the economic heritage of women with a low income and their families helping them to access financial services, knowledge and markets, WWB is a global network of 40 suppliers of micro-credits working in 28 countries. Its network helps 24 million small businesses and has consultants and expert technicians working hand in hand with the members of the network to offer a wide range of technical and consulting services and to actively promote the learning of good practices. It is based in New York and has 40 professionals from the field of micro-credits offering their experience through the design and distribution of products, access to capital markets, efficiency in internal organization and learning courses.

It strives to improve the economic conditions of poor families in developing countries by empowering women. WWB firmly believes that when a woman has the tools to develop a small business, she is then empowered to crate assets and good management, and this change her life and that of her family. To do this, WWB works in strengthening the network of organizations of micro-finances and banks that are a part of it, where they all share the commitment to facilitate access to financial services and information for impoverished women.

The 40 members of the global network in Women Worlds Banking are very diverse in geographical position, size and structure, but by strongly believing that micro-finances must continue to be committed to women as their customers, innovative people and leaders. In this sense, the philosophy behind WWB is that of the capacity of its members to make decisions whilst being free to make their own decisions and reaching their own conclusions. Local organizations know their markets and who the relevant actors are much better than anyone else.

For further information visit www.swwb.org