Service-learning projects

What do we propose?

Service-Learning Projects (SLPs) in ethical finances are educational proposals that encourage critical reflection on the current economic and financial system, including its social, environmental and economic impact on a local and global scale. They also offer a look at the alternatives provided by ethical financing and the local social and solidarity economy.

Through SLPs, students acquire new knowledge while also serving their community. They focus on promoting ethical financing in their immediate surroundings: among their fellow students, in their educational community or in their neighbourhood.

These projects are carried out in collaboration with secondary and baccalaureate schools, professional training centres or universities.

How do they work?

SLPs in ethical financing consist of an initial phase where students take part in workshops and training sessions. Students also visit or collaborate with different organizations as a way of learning more about ethical financing, the organizations present in their community and the impacts they have.

In the second phase, students take part in volunteer activities where they can apply what they have learned. They do so by researching the current reality of ethical financing, organizing awareness-raising campaigns, lectures, fairs and other events, preparing published materials…


  • To get young people involved in local proposals for ethical financing and the social and solidarity economy.
  • To provide tools and resources for teachers who want to work on ethical and solidarity-based financing in the classroom using dynamic and participative methods.
  • To forge alliances with other organizations, initiatives and projects that work to teach economics in a critical, diverse manner.