How are we organized?

FETS is a second-level association made up of entities. Therefore, its highest organ is  its General Assembly, which meets at least once a year.

This General Assemble is where all important decisions are taken regarding: our strategy, work plan, budget…To do this, the Assembly selects a group of persons from its partner organizations to form itsGoverning Board, which meets at least six times a year.

The current Governing Board is made up of:

  • Chair: Jordi Via (Fundació Roca Galès)
  • Treasurer: Jordi Rojas (Opcions)
  • Secretary: Javier Gómez (Arç cooperativa)
  • Members of the Board 
    • Quima Gimenez (Justícia i Pau)
    • Elena Romagosa (Setem)
  • Governing Board hires a team of technicians that now is made up of four people.

We also have the support and voluntary contribution of our team of volunteers as well as professionals offering us advice in several areas.

Check the by-laws of our association here: Estatuts FETS