FETS is an association that has promoted ethical and solidarity-based financing since 1999.

Notable projects


Do you want to switch over to ethical financing? This virtual catalogue provides up-to-date information on the products and services provided by the organizations that make up the ethical financing ecosystem.


This European label analyses and certifies the transparency and ethical practices of entities in the insurance sector.


RedEFES (Network for Education in Ethical and Solidarity-Based Financing) is a gathering space where representatives of the field of education can exchange educational resources and inspiring experiences.



What is the status of ethical and solidarity-based financing in Spain? What are the collected savings and the total loans provided by different entities? This annual report sums up the sector and its evolution.

Stories behind the data

Ethical Finance loans are transformed into projects that cross the lives of their protagonists, shake up their communities and draw shared horizons. In this new website we want to get to know some of these realities better, returning the human scale to this world.